An appointment will last between 30-60 minutes depending on who I am treating and on the treatment plan. Some aches and pain might benefit from a 1/2 hr treatment whilst other will need the full hour.
On the first appointment a medical history will be taken so be prepared to be here for an hour. This is so I can understand your problem and assess what needs to be done. On the following appointments I will do a brief follow up to see what effect the treatment has on you.

You will be asked to lie down on a treatment table, or if this is not comfortable, you can sit or lean or even stand. There's always a way.

Most of the work can be performed through light clothing but sometimes it's helpful if I can see bare skin as I can gain extra information that way.

Using only fingers and thumbs I will make gentle rolling movements at
precise points (over muscles, ligaments or nerves) interspersed with periods of rest.
During these breaks, which last from 2-5 minutes, your body will be given a chance to relax, assimilate and respond to what needs to be done for you to feel better or to sort any problems going on. I will leave the room during this period and this is one of the most important factors about the Bowen Technique as this is when we are asking the body to, in a sense, heal itself.

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Most clients feel a sense of wellbeing and a good night's sleep is often reported after a treatment but on a few occasions post-treatment reactions can happen i.e. you feel worse than you did before. The moves are so gentle so any reaction that is experienced was possibly waiting to be released so the body can move on with its healing process. This is usually rectified within a day or two and should it happen you are always welcome to call me for information and support.
This happens very rarely and is usually sorted by the next treatment.

You will be advised to move around and to drink plenty of water for the days after a treatment and not to do heavy exercise on the same day.

Some people experience relief already after one treatment and most after 3-4 sessions. Some conditions might need more. Many come back for "maintenance" treatments every 6-8 weeks.

It is advisable not to have any other forms of physical therapy whilst receiving Bowen as it may interfere with the process.


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